High Harmonic Guitar Bridges

For music to remain relevant, it needs to evolve, and therefore so do the instruments we play. At Goodwin-sonic we have embarked on a quest to revisit component designs and find ways to improve their sonic performance, as well as ergonomics and cosmetic appeal.

This is all so that you, the musician of today, can find new ways to express your artistic vision, to find your voice and be heard.

ST Line

Designed to fix directly to existing Strat’ screw holes and block aperture, the ST bridges are a hardtail conversion for this revered instrument. Utilising 2 of the original screws holes and a bracket fixed in the block cavity, our bridges can be installed and removed without any visible mods to impair resale values. String action-height adjustment is from the rear via the now redundant block cavity. Our design uses 25 less, screws, springs etc over the stock unit.

For blues and rock hounds, cutaway saddles are available for palm muting right up on the intonation barrels. If funk and jazz is more your thing, then why not have the full-length saddles to mimic the old ‘ash-tray’ covers fitted to early Strats.

TE Line

Designed to fix directly to existing Tele body drillings, complete with mounting for the pick-up, the TE bridges complement this iconic guitar perfectly. By utilising the ‘string-through’ drillings, we are able to make action-height adjustment ‘secret’, leaving the top face of the saddles sleek and comfortable to play for hours. Intonation is internal so again, no clutter, no fuss, just tons of sustain and singing high’s.

As with the ST line, saddles are available in either full-length or cutaway versions, depending how you want to play.

Our Sound

Shaping a guitar tone is a subtractive process, so it’s essential to start with a broad spectrum of harmonic content to give you more options. Our unique patented bridge designs seek to remove as many extraneous components and points of string contact as possible so that more energy remains in the string and damping is reduced. By using bullet ends, the strings are literally suspended between saddle and nut with no other points of contact. The result is a sparkling tone with bags of sustain and an instrument that feels alive in your hands.

Your Edge

On all of our bridge models, the saddle blocks intonate and adjust for string height internally and are retained on their back-plate by string tension alone. This connection is via a precision cut edge to give a super clean contact and no opportunity for energy loss. From the outside, the beautifully finished blocks just ooze with a style that harks back to the dawn of the electric guitar, with all of the excitement and promise of that golden era.

Custom Bridges

Our standard ST and TE bridges are manufactured in the UK from in high-grade stainless steel so even the sweatiest gigs won’t tarnish their beautiful polished finishes. But we can custom make bridges from exotic materials and/or with individually personalised decoration if you so wish. Price will be variable dependant on your requirement.


For further information or to commission a bridge of your own, please contact us using the form below.

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